Dynamic classifiers manufactured by Deha Tech are suitable for separation of fine, ultrafine and micronized materials, where high accuracy in cutting the maximum output size is required.

A classifier separates coarse from fine coal by allowing the fine coal to pass and rejecting the coarse particles for regrinding. A dynamic classifier has an inner rotating cage and outer stationary vanes. Acting in concert, they provide what is called centrifugal or impinging classification.

In many cases, replacing a pulveriser’s static classifier with a dynamic classifier improves the unit’s grinding performance, reducing the level of unburned carbon in the coal in the process.

Major advantages of dynamic classification systems:

  • Adjustable cutting size
  • A wide range of products can be obtained by simply adjusting the speed of the rotary cage.
  • The are no over costs, as no auxiliary equipment is required.
  • They are suitable for products with a certain moisture content.
  • The air stream that transports the product will reduce the moist content.
  • The discharge point can be set at a considerable distance (vertical or horizontal) from the feed
  • It operates as a pneumatic transport, and the product is conducted by an air stream.

With the aim of increasing the energy saving, productivity and availability of machinery has been optimised with regard to mechanical, flow and process engineering properties as well as with respect to production, assembly and maintenance.

The classifier can separate particle sizes of 30µm – 250 µm (and generate products with residues of 3% R 30µm – 3% R 250 µm). The mechanical components of the classifier in combination with process influencing parameters can produce various particle size distributions.

The high efficiency classifier can be used on vertical roller mills and also for all air swept grinding mills. The classifier is designed for central or without central material feed and can be used for all materials to be ground.

Efficient classification is particularly important in power station applications; a steep product particle characteristic curve ensures that optimum combustion is achieved in the boiler while keeping emission rates at a low level.

Our Dynamic Classifiers can be fitted to any type of coal mill.