We're not loading a new mission into the world, We're returning its existing value to it.

We love the world, as much as we love human…

We shape technology and design in expert hands, with great effort.


As Deha Tech, we believe and follow all that social responsibility projects are part of the criteria of sustainability.


We focus with sensitivity on many topics such as education, nature and the environment, employment of women and young people and animal rights.


We aim to share these projects that we have carefully evaluated within our corporate plans with you very soon.

We consider quality our basic guide. Our perspective is made of “trust.”

Deha Tech’s sustainability mission envisions meeting the needs of our customers while doing business in a social, economic and environmentally sensitive manner for the benefit of present and future generations, thus creating value for all stakeholders.

Deha Tech helps clients safeguard the environment, conserve energy, protect lives, and strengthen the economies and social structures of communities in which our employees work and live.

We use the limited resources that earth offers to us, in the context of our infinite respect for nature and humans. We owe it to our young people, our children, our future, today and our faith in our work…

As Deha Tech, we take part in new and forward-looking projects with making the goal of sustainability effect.

These projects, which we are preferred as a solution partner, create jobs and provide added value to social development; make our labor more stable.

As Deha Tech we offer services in the fields of design & engineering, procurement & logistic, fabrication, construction and commissioning for various industries.

We believe;
  • The vital importance of every drop in water management.
  • Contribution of joint decision making, training and participation in processes to our productivity principle.
  • The necessity of collecting and classifying waste at source in Solid Waste Management.
  • Our belief in the contribution of women and young people.