DEHA TECH, in accordance with established and implemented ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and Global vision;

To work in an environmentally friendly manner without harming the environment in terms of works and manufacturing methods in the sector and field of activity and to use the limited resources of the earth efficiently and to be aware of its responsibilities regarding the environment, compliance with national and international environmental regulations and legislations.

To reduce the use of natural resources within the framework of sustainability and to pay attention to the use of recycled materials, within the scope of all our activities, systematically conducting risk assessments related to possible environmental impacts and accidents, and placing prevention culture

To reduce the use of limited natural resources, to evaluate our recyclable wastes, to prevent pollution caused by harmful wastes to the environment, not to adversely affect the living life, to take the necessary measures to not pollute the environment and to raise awareness of our employees, customers and suppliers about the environment, ensuring continuous improvement without compromising the standards of the Environmental Management System, adopt as an Environmental Policy.