Immediately after the supply of the materials, the pre-manufacturing process starts.

As in all other stages, measurement control, material quality control and process control are performed and reported in the pre-manufacturing stage. Each project has its design criteria, and there are also control criteria for them. These controls are carried out based on international norms.



Manufacturing is done within the framework of the norms requested by the customer. For this reason, quality control procedures are evaluated and reported according to international standards such as EN, ASME, AEI, API, AWWA, GOST, TSE, DIN, TEMA within the scope of the criteria and tolerances of these norms.

Works are carried out within professional planning to complete the manufacturing process in every respect without any problems.

This planning consists of 2 stages:

Inspection and Test Plan (ITP) & Quality Control Plan (QCP). In this way processes of what, where and how to determining the operational stage of manufacturing are specified and manufacturing is performed accordingly.

Upon completion of manufacturing the products are delivered in accordance with agreed delivery conditions.

The advantages that Deha Tech brings to fabrication projects include:

  • Deha Tech`s global fabrication facilities
  • Dedicated fabrication group supporting global project strategies and resources
  • Advanced commodity sourcing methods and focused offsite fabrication procurement support
  • Global market knowledge / Global purchasing volume
  • Fabrication-driven execution / Input in design to optimize constructability
  • Proprietary module optimization design processes
  • Dedicated modular logistics team

Company has a workshop with 28.000sqm closed area with total area of 59.000sqm Total area serves for equipment;

  • Structural Steel
  • Storage Tank
  • Pressure Vessel
  • Spool Piping Fabrication in Carbon Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Alloyed Steel