The Balance of Plant (BOP) is a power engineering term which refers to the various supporting and auxiliary components of a power plant system required to produce energy.

Deha Tech helps utilities solve these challenges with its versatile and robust solutions for Electrical Balance of Plant (EBoP) applications.

Offering best-in-class manufactured products with engineering and installation services, EBOP solutions are scalable to support a large range of projects from heavy duty turbine generation to renewable wind and solar applications.

Additionally, Deha Tech, with its vast experience, partners with customers providing them turnkey power solutions through its Balance of Plant (BOP) contracts. This gives the customer a hassle free execution of the entire power plant through a single point contact.

A BOP power plant is comprised of Two Device Systems

Electrical Balance of Plant (EBOP) Devices: EBOP systems regulate, monitor, and protect power plant components using low, medium, and high voltage electrical devices.

Some EBoP systems include:

  • Power transformers
  • Auxiliary transformers
  • Circuit breakers
  • Switchgear
  • Surge arresters
  • Electrical busbars

Mechanical Balance of Plant (MBOP) Devices: MBoP systems comprise of non-electrical auxiliary systems that keep power plant components running efficiently following Mechanical Balance of Plant Packages:

  • Fuel Gas Conditioning Systems
  • Pressure Reduction Systems
  • NOx Reduction Packages
  • Nitrogen Generation Packages
  • Fire protection systems
  • Compressed air systems

Deha Tech, with its expertise in design and consulting, project execution and supply chain, has executed BOP projects across the world. Our experienced engineers is ready to provide technical support when you need it.

Our scope includes the following:

  • Cooling Tower and related Accessories
  • Cooling Water Pumps and Systems, Piping, Side Stream Filtration System, Dosing Pumps
  • Civil works and Services
  • Cable Trenches, Pipe Trestles, Over Head Tanks, Electrical Control Rooms, Switch Gear Room, Pump House
  • Steam Piping / Cooling Water Piping
  • Condensate Piping / De-aerator Piping
  • Fire Fighting System Package
  • Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning
  • Handling and hoisting systems: Cranes / Elevators / Hoists / Chain Pulley Blocks
  • Air Compressors Package
  • Electrical Systems including Breakers / Transformers / Panels / Cablings / Bus Ducts / Reactor Panels
  • Distributed Control Systems and Programmable Logic Controller Systems.
  • Air Cooled Condensers and related accessories.

Deha Tech Takes a Very “Hands-On” Approach to Ensure Theır Products Are Successfully Used, By Being Actıve in All Phases of a Project – Design, Training of Installers, Installation, Testing and Commissioning.


Balance of plant (BOP) equipment types of equipment Installed:

  • ACC’s
  • Vessels
  • Pumps
  • Valves
  • Filters
  • Condensers
  • Compressors
  • Vacuum Skids
  • Chemical Dosing Skids
  • Sampling Skids
  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Chillers
  • Metering and Regulation Skids

Deha Tech provides the following solutions:

  • Piping packages from detailed design to construction
  • Handling and erection of ancillary equipment
  • Procurement and Installation
  • Supply of tank farms and vessels
  • Turnkey utility solutions
  • Racks, steel structure
  • Modular skids
  • Turnkey fire protection

Our Spool Works to provide engineering, procurement, welded fabrication of power, process, piping systems to power, oil & gas, chemical industries with a global vision to be the best

Piping prefabrication and erection current Industrial Erection, our expertise in piping systems include all piping-related subsystems such as heat tracing and BOP equipment erection, as well as the piping lines fabrication and erection.

The strengths of the Deha Tech are: focus on safety, excellence in services, world class quality, on time delivery, shortest cycle times and continuous improvement with straight production approach.

Piping Products & Services:

  • Materials Supply for Pipes & Fittings
  • Shop Fabrication of Spools
  • On-site Prefabrication
  • On-site Erection
  • Tie-In’s
  • Supports
  • Erection of Valves & Inline Instruments
  • X-Rays, Dye Penetrants, MT, UT
  • Pickling, Flushing, Pressure Tests, Blowing

Deha Tech `s best EPC solutions for Balance of Plant serve your plant when it needs