The Clinker Cooler is a equipment that can cooling material via the cylinder rotating to drive material processing fully heat exchange with cool air, which have series advantages like good cooling performance, bigger capacity, high operating ratio, energy saving with environmental protection, easy operation and maintenance and long life time. The cooler can be widely used for industry fields like Cement, Quick-Lime, Ceramic Proppants and Magnesium etc.

When producing cement, the clinker cooler plays a decisive role downstream of the clinker production pyro process. A maximum of the amount of heat extracted from the clinker during the cooling process should be retained in the overall process – represented by the Cooler Efficiency

Clinker coolers must take clinker from ca. 1400°C to ca. 100°C, with maximum possible heat going back to the kiln.

The cooling of the clinker influences its structure, the mineralogical composition, as well as the grindability, and consequently the quality of the resulting cement.


Clinker cooling is necessary because:

  • Hot clinker is difficult to convey
  • Hot clinker has a negative effect on the grinding Process.
  • The reclaimed heat content of the hot clinker of about 200 kcal/kg, is an important factor lowering the production cost.
  • Proper cooling improves   the   quality   of   the cement.

Clinker cooling is one of the important processes in cement production. Improving the cooling effect also can reduce the clinker temperature, recover the waste heat, and create favourable conditions for subsequent cement handling, storage, or transportation.


  • High Availability, No Kiln Stoppages
  • High Cooler Efficiency Which Results İn Low Fuel Cost On the Kiln
  • Low Maintenance Cost Due to Protected Pebble Layer
  • Low Rotational Speed, Minimal Wear
  • Large Lump Crushing Without Kiln Stop
  • Minimum Dust Generation
  • Uniform Particle Size Reduction
  • Low Local Manufacturing Portion
  • Complete, Pre-Manufactured Modules
  • Very Short Kiln Stop Times for Existing Cooler Replacement
  • Lower Capital Cost
  • Ideal Solution for Green Field Plants