Deha Tech is a designer, manufacturer, supplier, installer and operator of industrial gases production and supply systems. Its product portfolio includes cryogenic oxygen plants, cryogenic nitrogen plants and air separation plants systems.

Deha Tech ships air separation and other gases-related equipment world-wide with installation advice and assistance as needed for each individual application.  Air separation plants and supply systems can be supplied as full turnkey installations – commissioned and ready for operation.

With our Oxygen and Nitrogen Storage Facilities not only being environmentally conscious and sustainable, you are also saving as much as 80% – from the very first minute of operation.


About Nitrogen:

LN2 (liquid nitrogen) is a cryogenic liquid and is the liquefied form of nitrogen gas at atmospheric pressure and sub-zero temperature.

At a certain temperature, the oxygen from the residual oxygen in the low purity nitrogen and the carbon carried catalyst should be oxidized.

The CO2 generated by C+O2=CO2 is removed and dehydrated by the pressure swing adsorption process, and the extremely high purity nitrogen is obtained.

About Oxygen:

Oxygen is often stored as a liquid, although it is used primarily as a gas. Liquid storage is less bulky and less costly than the equivalent capacity of high-pressure gaseous storage. A typical storage system consists of a cryogenic storage tank, one or more vaporizers and a pressure control system.

New plants are supplied with performance guarantees and warranties. In addition to supplying complete systems for gas and liquid production, Deha Tech supplies cryogenic liquid storage tanks, product vaporizers and cryogenic liquid transport trailers.

We can provide rapid delivery and installation of industrial gas plants and equipment to meet aggressive project schedules.