Air insulated switchgear (AIS) adopts the air as the insulation media designed voltage ranging from 11KV to 36KV medium voltage power distribution system. It plays a controlling and protecting role in the power system. The main circuit components of the air insulated switchgear are built in the gas-filled compartment.

High-voltage substations with air-insulated switchgear (AIS) are the cost-efficient choice for rated voltages of up to 800 kV. They are renowned for the highest reliability, economical operation, and low maintenance requirements.

Deha Tech experts always consider the electrical parameters as well as the environmental conditions to which a substation is exposed. That’s why Deha Tech`s AIS substations meet even the most demanding challenges.

We provide:

An optimum solution when space restrictions and environmental circumstances are not an issue, easy implementation of a wide range of standard applications, reliable switching for up to 800 kV.