Deha Tech is recognized as a leading global supplier of fabricated components and holds an impressive range of approvals/standards for various grades of carbon steels and aluminium and stainless steel

Our manufacturing facility offers an impressive 30,000 sq. Meters of modern manufacturing space. We have a wide range of modern fabrication and assembly equipment and highly qualified engineers and design specialists, with full in-house computer facilities.

We offer cost effective, high quality engineering and fabrication services.

A range of materials can be competently welded by our skilled workforce such as armoured steels, quenched and tempered structural steels, abrasive resistant steels, offshore grade steels and aluminium.

Deha Tech`s Advantages and Benefits in Fabrication & Assembly:

  • A dedicated assembly team with many years’ experience in Hydraulic, Pneumatic and Mechanical assembly.
  • Highly skilled workforce allows us to supply complex components fully finished and ready to use.
  • Invested in the latest industry leading equipment so we are able to manufacture with more speed and accuracy
  • Keeping costs down for our global customer base
  • Systematically improving the overall quality of our fabrication and assembly services.
  • Extensive range of material welding capabilities
  • Faster lead times, and lower transportation costs overall

Deha Tech undertakes a wide range of fabrication and assembly projects across many industries, provides a fully comprehensive service from high volume work to small scale production jobs

Our services include:

  • Sub-assembly processes
  • Full assembly processes from start to finish
  • Design & Project management
  • Assembly for small and basic trial runs, large and complex projects
  • Coating Solutions
  • Turnkey Solutions

Our turnkey solutions make fabrication and assembly faster with comprehensive fabrication services from start to finish.

Instead of handling the logistics and delays associated with using multiple vendors, your company can order parts and products through a single-service provider.

Deha Tech`s Process and Non-Process Equipment Fabrication and Assembly Scope:

  • Civil and Steel Construction
  • Gas Turbine
  • Steam Turbine
  • Steam Boilers
  • Heat Recovery Boilers and Steam Generator
  • Gas Pressure Reduction Stations
  • Flue Gas Desulphurization
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Air Cooled Condensers
  • Steam Ducts
  • Stack / Chimney
  • Compressor, Pump, Fans, Blowers
  • Damper, Ducting and Expansion Joint
  • BOP, Steam, Gas, Fuel and Water Spool Piping
  • Pump Station and Piping
  • Materials Handling System

We are happy to provide quotations for all works and always ready to meet your company requirements.