For many years Deha Tech is fabricating and assembling potable water storage tanks / vessels industries with a wide range of high specification products, including other type of storage tanks.

Potable Water Tanks are used to store and provide drinking water of a Power Plant. There are different types of fabrication and construction.

Many times water from wells is “hard water” and needs to be purified before it can be used, so it must be stored after that process. Potable Water can safely be stored underground utilizing a Containment Solutions Potable Water Tank.

Our capacity is enough to provide complete service including engineering, manufacturing, documentation depending on the individual requirements of the project.


  • International experience necessary for complete managing projects.
  • Technical support before and during the execution of the project.
  • Abilities on gauges, agitation, surface roughness requirement and design
  • Advanced manufacturing technology (e.g. grinding-polishing and welding)
  • Reliable supplier with high level international communication.
  • 20 years’ industry experience, trusted & reputable

We offer end to end support to our customers, providing a full project management service in finding the right solution every time for projects of all sizes. For further information, please contact us or ask for a quote.