In the commercial power generation, cogeneration (combined heat and power) or operating packaged boilers for process steam production, the recovery and storage of condensate plays an important role in overall operational cost and efficiency.

Condensate tanks are a main component of heat recovery systems, together with systems for flashing and phase separation, vent condensation or direct contact heat recovery, as well as for condensate quality monitoring and condensate polishing.

They serve for collection, intermediate storage, and return of hot condensate occurring in water-steam-cycles, for example pipeline condensate or process condensate.

Depending on your plant configuration the condenser hot well, main condensate storage and/or overflow tanks provide the means to manage condensate inventory and, subsequently, make-up water requirements.

For the power and utilities industries, Deha Tech is detailing measurement challenges and solutions for each step of the steam generation and condensate recovery processes.

To prevent water logging of the steam system and reduced plant performance condensate should be able to drain by gravity to vented receivers and be pumped back to the boiler feed water tank.

In most cases, finished condensate storage tanks can be fabricated to suit your choice of either standard installation or skid-mounted option.  Our systems allow for the simplest delivery and fastest installation and start-up. As elsewhere in our system, we use proven and reliable technology and can customize the design to your exact requirements.

For more information on level solutions for condensate storage tanks or other commercial power generation, cogeneration you can ask solutions for the steam generation and condensate recovery cycle.