A Thermal Power Plant is a power station in which heat energy is converted to electric power. In most places the turbine is steam-driven. Water is heated, turns into steam and spins a steam turbine which drives an electrical generator. After it passes through the turbine the steam is condensed in a condenser and recycled to where it was heated.

Deha Tech`s extensive experience in Thermal Power Plant encompasses facilities supporting a variety of industries, equipment configurations and fuel types, including coal, petroleum, nuclear, geothermal, solar thermal electric, biofuel and waste incineration.

Our solutions offer superior unit availability, reliability, efficiency and overall cost-effectiveness. These advantages are delivered via integrated services spanning the project’s life cycle, from site selection, project development, scoping and definition, engineering, procurement, construction, start-up/commissioning and operations & maintenance.

Deha Tech draws on deep EPC and commissioning experience to deliver successful thermal power projects with high reliability and cost efficiency.