Industrial pumps are a requirement for moving large amounts of fluid into, out of or through your facility. This means if your facility process includes large quantities of water, oil, chemicals or food, you need a good industrial pumping system with quality heavy-duty pump stations. Whatever your industrial pumping system needs are, it starts with reliable pumps.

Deha Tech brings a new era of intelligence to pump systems and piping technology with solutions that look beyond individual components and optimize the entire system.

Our solutions utilize intelligent pumps, cloud connectivity and digital services. Together they enable real-time monitoring, remote control, fault prediction and system optimization to help you reach a new level of performance.

A wide range of facilities and production lines in industries are fitted by Deha Tech with pipelines of all sizes, dimensions and materials, such as steel, stainless steel and plastic.

Deha Tech has successfully completed projects throughout overseas for which the entire piping material was assembled on site.

We supply variety of pumps for applications from our international suppliers:

  • Residue Pump
  • Topped Crude Pump
  • Closed Drain Pump
  • Crude Tower Reflux Pump
  • Filming Amine Pump
  • Neutralizing Amine Pump
  • Flare Knock Out Drum Pump

The best way to manage your company’s pumping needs is with professional pumping stations. Our clients range from large multi-national corporations, all of which come to us requiring turnkey process solutions that are delivered on time, on budget and to the expected quality. As a Deha Tech, we have a custom pumping station solution for you regardless of your industry or commercial application.