Petroleum products, chemicals, gases and other liquid products – i.e. liquid or gaseous substances can be stored and handled in Tank Terminals which consist of a number of individual tanks, generally above ground, that are usually cylindrical.

Deha Tech experiences are widely distributed from a single unit of a storage unit up to a complete Power Plant including Fuel Unloading and Fuel Storage Facilities.


If your business requires safe storage of fuel and other inflammable liquids, then it’s important to use an industrial fuel storage tank.

Fuel storage tanks restrict evaporative emissions as well as prevent any leakage of the substance contained in it. These storage tanks are manufactured and designed for meeting industry standards, which makes them an efficient and reliable option for addressing your storage needs of hazardous substances.

There are two main types of Fuel Storage Tanks.

Aboveground Fuel Tanks offer greater ease of maintenance compared to the below ground tanks. This is the reason aboveground fuel storage tanks are preferred for storing fuels and chemicals.

  • Lower long-term maintenance and upfront costs
  • More cost-effective to install
  • Don’t need to spend for backfilling, deep excavation
  • Don`t need to pavement more piping.
  • Easy access for leaks and repairs
  • There are various types
  • Ability to hold a variety of inflammable liquids

Underground Storage Tanks at least 20% of the tank’s stored volume is buried underground. These tanks are suitable for industrial companies wanting to maximize the space and value of their property.

We can work with you to design your fuel tank accordingly to the capacity of your choosing and work in the domestic, industrial market. Our experienced team able to help with the fabrication and assembly of your storage solution.