Waste heat recovery systems recover the thermal energy from the exhaust gas and convert it into electrical energy, while the residual heat can further be used for industrial services (such as hot water and steam).

The system consists of an exhaust gas boiler (or combined with oil-fired boiler), a power turbine or a steam turbine with an alternator.

With the high cost and environmental impact of fossil fuels, heat energy is a precious commodity that cannot be wasted.

Typical examples include:

  • Plant process heating
  • Combustion air pre-heating
  • Boiler feedwater pre-heating
  • Building heat

Deha Tech is an independent supplier offering a variety of Heat Recovery systems.

We understand that every project is different, which is why we offer a service designed around your project’s specific requirements, affording on-site flexibility with options ranging from:

Detailed MVHR Specification;

  • CAD Drawings
  • Supply & Site Support
  • Heat Recovery System Design, Installation & Commissioning
  • Full Turnkey Service
  • Commissioning & Certification Only

We also offer ongoing technical support including yearly maintenance, servicing packages, and supply of spare parts.