Preheaters is a proven, efficient piece of heat recovery equipment that uses the hot process gases from a pebble lime rotary kiln to preheat/pre-calcine limestone feed material prior to metering it into the rotary kiln at a controlled rate for final calcining

Preheater kilns is shorter than a long cement kiln and contain tall preheater towers that use the heat produced by the kiln to caloine the raw materials as they move through the various stages of the tower.

These kilns reflect the latest in cement kiln design technology. They are more fuel efficient than long kilns using up to 50% less energy.


  • Two basic preheater shapes, a few different module geometries and a wide range of preheater sizes.
  • Efficient counter-flow heat transfer.
  • The largest hydraulically actuated discharge plungers in the industry.
  • Installed stand-by hydraulic system pump
  • Compartmentalized design includes a stone feed pin gate and an exhaust gas isolation damper at each module
  • Robust design affords decades of service life


  • Excellent heat recovery
  • Compartmentalized design accommodates on-line removal of any scaling.
  • Allows for more work to be done with fewer moving parts.
  • Backup hydraulic pump affords excellent system availability.

Deha Tech provides trained field service personnel to assist in the installation and maintenance of its preheaters, as well as help trouble shoot and resolve any operational challenges that may appear.