Our Procurement and Logistic Team is a group of experts who provide a wide range of services to all project participants involved or interested in the activities relating to the purchasing of materials and supplies required for project implementation.

And their responsibilities are vital to project managers who want to provide their projects with necessary items. Additionally, it gives the effort to help people involved in supply chain management to build a connection between contractors and customers.

The procurement team treats for the major activities of chain management including logistics and contract management. It makes sure that the activities are carried out in line with current legislation and existing requirements of the project, the team also ensures compliance with purchasing best practices and existing business policies and procedures.

Deha Tech uses a supplier portal that enables supervision on the supply base by monitoring supplier performance, driven by real time data reflected from the ERP system, in this way guiding the suppliers to keep up with the requirements of the Deha Tech Procurement Strategies.

Using the company’s ERP system for the procurement of all goods, Deha Tech able to track all stages of its procurement processes.

We are working to provide the fastest and best quality service with our global and strong supply network. Within the frame of our export compliance organization, we maintain current legal knowledge. And as part of this global project execution, we advise procurement and logistics teams of applicable laws and regulations.

A more detailed review of procurement team responsibilities is as follows:

  • Strategic Compliance
  • Expert Advıse
  • Strategy Development
  • Supplier / Contractor Selectıon
  • Consulting
  • Logistics
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