Complete Coal Grinding Plant, on a Turnkey (EPC) Basis

Deha Tech`s Certified Coal Grinding Plants have proven themselves internationally in all areas of application that in cement works, steel mills or power plants, whether direct or indirect firing.

Deha Tech is supplying more customer-tailored EP projects and EPC projects. If desired, we plan and construct plants fitting exactly to your local requirements.

In the process, we always focus on especially low overall operating costs combined with proven technology, and the high availability of our components.

EP Projects Complete Plants

We at Deha Tech gladly take over the entire planning (engineering) and supply (procurement) of complete grinding plants, and we offer the option of providing support during realization of the project. Our engineers focus entirely on the local requirements and production conditions.


EPC Projects Complete Plants

EPC stands for Engineering, Procurement, and Construction and that is exactly what you can rely on when you commission Deha Tech to build a turnkey plant.

A dedicated project team takes over management of the project from first planning through delivery of materials up to machine setup and production start-up.


  • Creation and realization of comprehensive optimization concepts for existing plants
  • Development and implementation of optimization concepts
  • Measurements on site
  • Efficiency calculations and preparation of heat balances
  • Weakness and optimization reporting
  • Evaluation of components and reporting of requirements
  • Fast replacement of spare and wear parts and rapid response logistics