Desulfurization (DeSOx) systems are used for removing SO2 (Sulphur Dioxide), acid gases, heavy metals, particulates & other air pollutants from plant emissions.

DeNox, NOx Control Selective Non-Catalytic Reduction is a technology that is designed to control nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions from boilers by the injection of ammonia or urea reagents into the flue gas.

Deha Tech has capacity for reducing NOx generated, when coal is burned in thermal power plants to the minimum possible level for efficiently removing the generated NOx, SOx.

We are contributing to environmental protection all over the world through development and practical application of new flue-gas treatment systems for efficiently cleaning up flue gas from thermal-power-plant boilers

Thanks to our wide-ranging expertise we are capable of customizing operational parameters, catalyst geometry and composition as well as the most suitable reagent for each application.

DeNOx Systems are used in the following Plants:

Power plants

  • Gas-fired
  • Oil-fired
  • Coal-fired
  • Biomass-fired

Energy-from-Waste plants

  • Household waste
  • Hazardous waste
  • Hospital waste

Industrial plants

  • Steel industry
  • Oil industry
  • Pulp and paper industry


A typical DeSOx unit is the Flue Gas Desulfurization, the purpose of FGD is to remove Sulphur Dioxide SO2 from exhaust flue gas.

Due to the presence of Sulphur both in coal and oil as standard fossil fuels to be burnt in the pow-gen, the presence of Oxygen causes the conversion into Sulphur Dioxide and the excess of O2 could also move the equilibrium to SO3.

NOx gases are usually produced as a reaction between nitrogen and oxygen during combustion in the air of fossil fuels.

SCR Selective Catalytic Reduction Unit removes this contaminant converting NOx in N2 and H2 O by a catalytic reaction with the aid of a gaseous reductant agent like urea or ammonia. This is the working principle of a DeNOx unit.

Why are DeNOx & DeSOx so important to reduce the environmental impact?

When Sulphur Dioxide SO2 and Nitrogen Dioxide NOx are emitted into the atmosphere they react with water and oxygen, thus forming Sulphuric and Nitric acids.

Hose acids are mixing with water droplets in the clouds before falling to the ground this is called Acid Rain. Acidification is critical environmental issues.

Therefore, the aim of Gas Analysis Systems installed in FDG units is:

  • to assess the effectiveness of removal of pollutants
  • to manage several process parameters
  • to increase the conversion performances
  • to minimize by-products
  • to lower energy consumption

DeNOx & DeSOx Performance Management by Deha Tech will help you, your process unit and, more important, it will help your and our environment.

Deha Tech now has references in the DeNOx and DeSOx sectors, which encompass a variety of applications.