The steam drum is the most important part of a boiler.  All the steam and water passes through it. There are two types of horizontal steam drums. One is the water tube steam drum and the other is a waste heat steam drum.

Both types of steam drums have the primary and critical purpose of the mechanical phase separation of the water and steam mixture.

The steam is removed from the water sending the steam free water back to the boiler system. This steam free water allows all liquid levels, chemical feed, and feed water to be properly controlled.

Steam Drum Benefits:

  • Reduces deposits on Turbine Blades, Super heaters and Steam Lines
  • Reduces maintenance and increases run time
  • Reduces overall operating costs for maintenance
  • Increases operating efficiency from decreased downtime
  • Reduce continuous Blowdown
  • Stabilize liquid levels
  • Higher availability with an innovative alternative

High pressure steam is critical for the operation of the refinery. For the production and reliable supply of steam, accurate level measurement is required that allows efficient operation of the steam boiler.

Any steam raising plant will use steam drums, and these steam drums require accurate and reliable level measurement to ensure the safety of the plant.

We bring you higher plant availability with safer and better measurement solutions. Deha Tech’s expertise and experience in steam drums provide our clients with successful boiler operations.

Our process and services:

  • Compact Design
  • Easy Installation and Operation
  • Better Reliability Measurements and Higher Performance
  • Fast Response Time
  • Improved Control, Analysis and Communication